“So, what exactly do you guys do anyway?” That’s a question that comes up from time to time. The winding path of a new business is an amazingly interesting journey, and until now we have fit into a single box that people understand: consulting services. Last Friday, we exploded that convenient paradigm.

When launching trajectorE, I had an idea for a software product that would have made my previous job easier. I could also see that there were synergies between a consulting business and a software business focused on solving similar problems for similar customers (see this previous blog post). With this hypothesis in mind, trajectorE, the consulting business, launched first in order to gain traction with the market and build credibility. We have done that with our ability to make industrial projects seamless for customers, with a particular focus on helping them make a successful transition between the construction and operating phases.

Throughout our first year, as we expanded our understanding of the broader market, the software concept evolved. Adopting the Lean Startup approach, we took it to another level in 2018 by completing the Genesis Centre’s Evolution program. We interviewed dozens of potential users and customers to validate/disprove our hypotheses, one after another. Through this process, we learned that of all the pain points we identified, almost everyone we talked to shared one: sharing knowledge and experience within their organization over time, across locations, and from project to project (for more detail on what we found click here). One interesting rollercoaster ride, a couple of pivots, and a few thousand lines of code later, totaliQ was born as trajectorE's sister company and a platform that enables organizations to do just that.

After hosting a launch event in our new office space on Friday, June 8th, our next event will be to participate in NEIA’s Clean Technology pavilion at the Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show on June 20-21. 

Having both companies so tightly integrated opens up many opportunities, one of which is the fact that trajectorE has become the first totaliQ customer, giving us the tightest of lean loops to begin the process of evolving the product based on user feedback. This is the essence of the Lean Startup philosophy and this evolution will continue as we work with external customers.

Innovation is a key requirement for economic growth and increased productivity. As a proudly Newfoundland-based company, we look forward to sharing totaliQ with the market, which we believe will help customer organizations execute more effectively, resulting in increased productivity.